Online Logistics


In today’s technology-driven business environment, companies feel pressure to keep up. SAV Transportation Group provides an online portal to put businesses in control of their logistics. Called the Virtual Shipping Assistant™, our software is a proprietary platform that can be customized with a business’s logo and branding.

The Virtual Shipping Assistant™ is easy for any employee to use. We’ll set up the shipping assistant with a business’s carriers and rates alongside the carriers and rates SAV Transportation Group provides to allow for ongoing cost comparison. Rates will be updated in real time to make sure a business always knows which option is best.



Many businesses already use software to power operations, including inventory and asset management solutions. SAV’s integration partnerships with a wide variety of applications make integration easier. This integration means a business can continue to use the software with which they’re already familiar. This limits training time and helps employees adapt to the change more easily. Our customer service representatives will work directly with a business to make sure it has the support it needs throughout the implementation process.

For businesses with a customized internal solution, SAV’s Virtual Shipping Assistant™ integration toolkit can help. With our application programmer interface (API), businesses can incorporate our freight utility into their existing software for a seamless user experience. With any integration, SAV offers custom tutorials to provide the training necessary to get employees up to speed.

For businesses in need of fleet services, SAV Transportation Group is an invaluable resource. Our online portal gives companies the software they need to effectively manage asset ground shipping. Whether integrated into an organization’s existing infrastructure or as its sole technology, the Virtual Shipping Assistant™ will help a business better serve its own customers.

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