Expect better routes, bigger savings from your LTL

Simple, efficient, smart. That’s how SAV Logistics Services work to help you find the best LTL solution to get your freight from point A to point B. Here are some of the key areas where SAV Logistics solutions can take the hassle out of creating a freight shipment.

Solutions for any size Shipment

If you have unique shipping needs – reverse logistics, breakbulk, pool distribution, residential delivery or pickup – SAV can help you create a specialized solution to get your freight on the road and ensure timely delivery.

Efficient routes at the Best prices

Our Virtual Shipping Assistant lets you enter timeline, location and other shipping specs, including measurements, volume and class. In seconds, you can review a list of carriers, service times and prices. Need a specialized option? Our experts can help with that!

Foolproof Shipping

When a shipment is built around missing and wrong information – including weight, classification and materials – you end up paying the price in extra fees and shipping delays. We have safeguards built into our online tools as well as easy access to customer support, so creating an LTL freight shipment is virtually foolproof. Our unique safeguards protect your bottom line and your deadlines.

Simple solutions for complex cargo

Sometimes, shipping can be complicated – reverse logistics, breakbulk, residential or limited access stops. The experts at SAV can help you create a specialized solution to get your freight on the road, while helping you steer clear of penalty costs.

Fast Quotes

Get freight quotes on pre-negotiated rates with LTL carriers big and small, and lock down the shipment in just a few more clicks.

Quality Carriers

The carriers in our network are carefully screened and monitored. We want to ensure your freight is in good hands: in adherence to industry regulations, safety standards, and best practices. This ensures shipments arrive on time and in good condition.

Superior cargo protection

SAV offers primary cargo coverage that goes above-and-beyond industry standards. This is another way we protect our customers and help control unexpected expenses.

Stronger together

We make logistics easier, more efficient and at costs that are easier to predict and manage. In addition to saving your organization time and money, we’ll make you look good!

Find out how you can drive better results from your freight spend and talk to one of the experts at SAV Logistics Services.