Finally, a clear view of your Automotive Logistics

When it comes to shipping automotive components, we understand you’ll never mess with anything less than on-time. Now you can create custom freight shipments for engines, transmissions and any automotive component that needs expert handling. Use our easy-to-use portal to find and book an LTL carrier, track your shipment from start to finish, and know it will arrive safely.

You can count on SAV to smooth out the bumps in automotive logistics, because we know your customers are counting on you.

Reliable pricing

Our partnerships with quality common carriers give you flexible options with great rates.

Core returns simplified

Our reverse logistics program streamlines the return shipments of cores, without delays and surprise fees.

Asset protection

You’ll love how our superior insurance coverage protects your assets.

Fast freight

Get quotes fast on our portal and book quickly. Easy last-minute shipments help you win the race.

Top-notch partners

Our carriers are screened and evaluated on an ongoing basis. We want you to expect high-quality, professional service with every shipment.

Visibility at each layer

The Virtual Shipping Assistant gives you real-time reports, tracking and status updates, so you’re always ready with answers. And when shipments are running late, visibility lets you keep an eye on the status.

Cost control

The Virtual Shipping Assistant is your line of defense against unexpected expenses. Safeguards and alerts let you ID and fix costly problems before you book.

Helpful service

We have years of experience in automotive logistics; let us help you find new solutions to save time.

Get your automotive freight moving