Virtual Shipping Assistant:
Smart, simple logistics

Our Virtual Shipping Assistant puts self-service logistics in your hands. With our powerful tech tool, get freight quotes quickly, compare costs and routes, and set up a freight shipment to anywhere.

Say hello to streamlined shipping, and goodbye to surprise fees and delays that can raise your costs and tangle up the supply chain.

In fact, the Virtual Shipping Assistant helps most of our clients achieve 10-15 percent in freight savings. Since it also automates and streamlines the shipping process, you’ll gain time to focus on other tasks.


Features & Benefits

Intuitive design

Easy to learn, easy to use, the Virtual Shipping Assistant brings clarity and speed to each step of the shipping process.


Adapt the Virtual Shipping Assistant for your unique shipping needs. Plug in your own carriers and rates, so you can set up freight shipments more efficiently. Contact SAV about the possibility of integrating the portal in to your in-house system

Quality Carriers

Our carriers have passed our screening process and are evaluated on an ongoing basis. You’ll know your shipment is in good hands.

Optimized shipping

Choosing the best carriers at the best pricing just got easier. Get side-by-side comparisons between multiple carriers in seconds. Pricing and transit times are laid out in an easy-to-follow format.

Streamlined bidding

Spot Quote Bidding Tool is an easy upgrade that speeds up your bidding process. Enter carriers and shipping requirements, and the system distributes the bidding request for you. No more emails and phone calls.

Fewer Fees

Our system provides a strong line of defense against surprise fees. When it detects a problem in the freight order or destination, it alerts you before you book the shipment.

Keep tabs on the timetable

If your shipment is running late, you will be notified of the potential delay, allowing you to react accordingly.


The Virtual Shipping Assistant lets you add any modules you need. Add your company’s branding and logos for a seamless and professional presentation.

Get connected with superior self-service logistics


A sample of our quality carriers



How many carriers do you work with?

On the LTL portal, you’ll have access to more than 50 common carriers. If needed, we can add your carriers for the customer’s specific pricing. On the trucker/brokerage side we work with more 7,000 contract carriers from all over the U.S.

How easy is it to book freight on your platform?

Sign up for an account and get started in minutes. Booking a shipment is an easy four-step process.

When I need help, can I reach a real person?

Yes. For truckload, call 800-356-2421 during regular business hours, and for LTL call 866-868-3230.

Is this self-service or does SAV Transportation Group manage everything?

It can be both. The portal is designed for easy use, from start to finish of every shipment. We also have the expertise to manage all freight activities.

How long does it take to learn to use the Virtual Shipping Assistant?

As long as you’re familiar with using an online portal, you can operate the Virtual Shipping Assistant in minutes, because it’s easy and intuitive. But when it’s needed, SAV does offer custom tutorials to help employees get up to speed.

Does the Virtual Shipping Assistant eliminate manual booking?

Yes, it is designed for rate shopping, carrier selection, creating a bill of landing, dispatching trucks and tracking your shipment.

How can I start using the portal?

You can get started in minutes. Just contact us to get the process started. Call 866-868-3230.





A discount allowed for damage or overcharge in bill payment.


Goods placed or loaded on a means of conveyance.

Absolute Minimum Charge

The minimum charge after application of all pricing terms.

Act of God

An event beyond human control.

Advanced Warehouse

A common carrier or service contractor warehouse for receiving and storing exhibitors’ shipments before a trade show move-in date.

Agreed Weight

The weight prescribed by agreement between transportation provider and shipper for goods shipped in certain packages or in a certain number.

Astray Goods

Goods bearing marks indicating origin and destination, but separated from the waybill; see also ‘Over Freight’.

Bar Code

A series of lines of various widths and spacing that can be scanned electronically to identify a carton or individual item.

Bar Code Scanner

A device to read bar codes and communicate data to computer systems.