Fast, cost-effective solutions for full truckload needs

When speed and size matter, full truckload is often the go-to for moving large volumes of freight, whether it’s heading across town or to the opposite coast. These are shipments consisting of up to 26 standard sized pallets or up to 44,500 pounds. Full truckload also comes with the benefits of less unloading and handling, which often means more secure shipments. If full truckload is the right option, here’s how SAV’s full truckload solutions can help you excel at making your freight move more smoothly and efficiently.

A deep bench of contract carriers

Access our coast-to-coast network of more than 5,000 carrier fleets, and even your most painfully difficult shipment can get moving. Access one of our contract carriers for van freight, reefer freight, flatbed freight and more.

Speedy service

Ship to anywhere in the U.S. with our extensive full truck service network with its full range of logistics capabilities. With our fast quoting, you can book the shipment you need within your required timeframe.

Easy to learn, easy to use

Our Virtual Shipping Assistant is intuitive, making learning and crosstraining simpler. It also gives you a window into multiple areas of creating a shipment that meets all regulatory requirements.

Safe, reliable, protected

We want our customers to keep coming back because they know their shipments will arrive safely and on time. That’s why all the carriers in our network are screened and then evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Foolproof freight

We also built numerous safeguards in our process. Each truckload leaves the dock with the assurance they meet state and federal requirements and regulations, helping you avoid fees and penalties.


From start to finish, you get 24/7 access to tracking of every shipment. If there’s a question on where your freight is and when it’s arriving, you can always access the full details in real time.


At SAV Logistics Services, you’ll gain access to one of the best-designed logistics systems in the country, backed by a team of experts who are ready to help. Over time, the savings in time and money will add up to measurable results. That’s part of our focus on using our expertise to help our clients gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Cost Savings

Working with SAV delivers real savings in time and money. That’s one way we help clients win at what they do.

Get a quote or a demo on full truckload freight, and find out how SAV Logistics Services can save time and money.