Build savings and flexibility with Intermodal Services

Before the interstate highway system was built in the late 1950s, freight was shipped by cargo train. Even today, rail is sometimes a smarter strategy than over-the-road service. If your freight is going the distance, a truck-to-rail solution may be a cost-effective, time-saving option worth exploring.

Whatever your needs are, a logistics professional can help you find the solution. Here’s how the SAV Transportation Group can help.

Secure and reliable shipments

In typical truck-to-rail solutions, the container is lifted from the tractor and onto the train. Because pallets stay put in the intermodal container for the entire journey, cargo gets handled less. That reduces damage during shipping while enhancing security.

Fast quotes

When you work with SAV, you have access to our network of intermodal providers. You have the tools to locate the right solution within the best possible time frame.

Stay in Touch

Through each leg of the journey, stay in touch with your shipment. Status updates are easy to access.

We have your back

If you need help with creating your intermodal shipment, just ask. Our logistics experts are ready to answer your questions and provide guidance for each step of the way.

Find out how Intermodal Solutions can help you optimize your time and budget, and talk to a logistics expert at SAV Transportation Group.