Master the maze of manufacturing logistics

Manufacturing logistics is an ongoing puzzle. Whether you’re moving source materials or finished products, you have to get the timing right … period. When timing is everything, creating foolproof freight shipments is key to avoiding delays. Otherwise, small situations cascade into carrier fees and other costs.

SAV Transportation Group has simple tech tools to help you find a reliable truckload or LTL carrier quickly. We’re also backed by a team of logistics experts who can offer fresh, cost-saving solutions to your supply chain.

Better Visibility

When you use our Virtual Shipping Assistant, you gain a window into the entire journey of your shipment. Online, real-time tracking gives you the tools to make the best decisions.

Faster Freight

Using our logistics portal, access our network of more than 50 LTL carriers, compare costs, and make your selection to get things rolling. Ask us how we can add your carriers and their pricing to the portal to give you even more options.

Easy to use

Our Virtual Shipping Assistant is an intuitive platform that makes each step of building a freight shipment clear and easy to follow.

Smoother Shipments

Our Virtual Shipping Assistant is designed to recognize problems on LTL moves – weights, measurements, classifications and location – so you can fix them before you book.

Predictable Spend

We negotiate rates with carriers and honor those prices. That’s because we understand how important it is to get things done on time and on budget. Work with us, and gain confidence in meeting your numbers.

Reliable Drivers

We screen all our carriers before they join our network. You can feel good knowing your freight is being moved and handled by reliable logistics professionals with safe track records.

Strategic Solutions

Our experts have been in the business for more than 30 years. Work with us and we’ll help you discover new solutions that simplify and speed up your supply chain.

Do more with less

Faster bidding, fewer errors, no surprise. Get more accomplished with your logistics spend.

Streamline your supply chain