SAV’S technology team has been busy making a variety of updates that make our Virtual Shipping Assistant™ better, stronger and even easier to use – they include:


New Industry Pricing

Thanks to increased usage, within the auto, truck and tractor parts communities, our industry “spend” is growing and we’ve been able to leverage that spend to negotiate a very special rate for shippers within those communities. The new rate displays as YRC/AUTOMOTIVE and many are using it religiously.

New Tracking Enhancements

We have also made a series of tracking enhancements that make it easier for you to track and view the status of your shipments. You can now access tracking updates from the tracking screen.

New Call Tag/Reverse Shipment Feature

And finally, we have added a useful new feature that makes return shipments much easier.

Simply go to your TRACKING SCREEN and select the shipment you need to return. From there, click the RETURN TRIP button at the far right of that screen and that will trigger the return.

If you are not currently using our Virtual Shipping Assistant™ and would like to get set up and start using it, please contact us.

There is no cost for set-up and there are no monthly minimums and we can usually get you set up to use it the same day you make your request.