Staying Healthy on the Road – Tips for Truck Drivers

Tips for staying healthy on the road

Truckers log long hours behind the wheel, only stopping to refuel and grab a bite to eat before heading out again. That type of sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain and health problems, increasing the risk of diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart problems. Not only do these risks put drivers in danger of an early death, but they’ll also feel lethargic during those long hours.

Drivers don’t have to lead unhealthy lifestyles. In fact, with a little preparation, they can eat healthy and stay more active, even when they’re required to sit for the majority of the day. Here are a few ways drivers can stay healthy while on the road.

Cook in Advance

After more than two decades on the road, trucker Bobby Anderson decided he wanted to shed some of the weight he’d gained. He traded fast food and fatty restaurant meals for healthy food he prepared on the weekend. Using his truck’s electrical outlet, he heats his food up using a pressure cooker, waffle maker, hot plate, toaster, and Nutribullet.

SAV drivers can also take advantage of the full-service kitchen available to them at the SAV headquarters.

SAV's kitchen for Truck Drivers

SAV’s Kitchen

If you don’t have time to prepare your meals in advance, you can still eat healthier, even if you’re relying on restaurant food. Even fast food restaurants have healthier options like grilled chicken and salads. Skip the burgers and fries and opt for baked foods and green vegetables.

Work in Physical Fitness

Life on the road leaves little time for daily trips to the gym. That means you have a find a way to fit in physical activity without the benefit of cardio equipment or weight benches. If you do have time, a nationwide membership to a gym could be a great way to work in daily workouts, as long as you can find a place to park your rig while you’re in the gym.

Truckers likely prefer workouts they can do from their cabs, while parked at a truck stop or rest area. This site outlines 13 workouts truckers can do anywhere, although some activities like jump roping may require finding a private area outside of the truck.

There are also fitness programs like TA & Petro’s Stay Fit program. Many of their locations have added free indoor fitness rooms, basketball hoops, and walking trails.

If you already belong to a fitness club, you may be eligible for discounts by working out a designated number of times each month. Shopping for a fitness club? Look for a club with locations throughout the country. That way, you can work out even when you’re on the road.

Drop Bad Habits

Life on the road can force truckers to settle into an unhealthy routine that includes snacking and relying heavily on caffeine. If you feel the need to snack while you’re on the road for long stretches, stock up on healthy snack foods like carrots, celery, and grapes. Those can be just as fulfilling as a bag of chips and you’ll feel healthier and more alert.

A couple of cups of coffee a day can actually be good for you. But if coffee is the only beverage you consume all day, you may be dehydrated. Try to squeeze in a bottle or two of water every day, even if it means having to stop occasionally for bathroom breaks.

Life on the road can make it difficult to stay healthy, but there are a few adjustments truckers can make to lose weight and feel better. By preparing in advance and stocking up your truck with healthy snacks and small workout gear, you’ll be more likely to swap junk food and lethargy for healthy meals and physical activity.