Warners’ Stellian

Family owned and operated, Warners’ Stellian is Minnesota’s retail appliance specialist for more than fifty years. They offer more than 50 brands of home appliances through their eight metro locations and their thoughtfully designed stores feature “working kitchens” that allow you to “try before you buy.”

The Warners’ Stellian shipping department had been using our Virtual Shipping Assistant to move freight (primarily new appliances) to its out-of-state customers. SAV’s platform provides them nationwide range and reach and helps them cover customers in Alaska and Hawaii as well.

The Warners’ Stellian e-commerce group was impressed with the system’s ease-of-use along with its ability to provide accurate tracking information and wanted to integrate their online “shopping-cart” to SAV’s online shipping platform.

Warners Stellian
Shopping Cart

SAV’s provided full access to their API (application programming interface) and worked closely with Warners’ Stellian to integrate the two platforms.

Customers can now move through the online shopping cart and get a quick estimate of product and shipping costs. When products are ordered, the Warners’ Stellian shipping team tenders the shipments through their own online access point and provides both the customer and the customer service group complete access to tracking details.