When businesses choose SAV Transportation group for their asset transportation needs, those businesses have access to a nationwide network of providers. Each provider is carefully screened and monitored to ensure SAV’s customers always have the best experience possible. Through its extensive network, SAV brings more than 100 years of experience to customers across the country.

With one call, a business can turn its freight over to our expert coordinators. We’ll put our network of providers to use to help your business, providing a level of reliability and flexibility that will help you meet your goals. Each of the 5,000 carriers in our network meet the performance and safety standards SAV requires. SAV Transportation Group also offers an online portal to put businesses in control of their logistics.


Insurance Protection

When a business chooses SAV to resolve its transportation needs, that business has the protection of more than $250,000 in primary cargo coverage. This sets us apart from many other carriers in the industry, which generally only offer contingency insurance. Although our claims rate is phenomenally low, SAV believes having protection for its customers protects them in the rare event something should go wrong.

With a claims ratio of .01%, SAV has a history of top-quality performance. In the rare instance that an incident happens, customers have the convenience of working directly with SAV, which handles every aspect of the claim. By coordinating a business’s relationship with its carriers, SAV provides a consistent customer service experience for your business, keeping you from having to work with a wide variety of carriers on an ongoing basis.

SAV Transportation Group is a high-quality fleet management firm that can work on your business’s behalf. We’ll coordinate with our network of providers and in-house fleet to find the best deal to meet a business’s unique needs. Contact us for a free rate quote today.

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