SAV Crowns 2013 Chili Champ

The SAV Transportation Group held it’s annual chili cook-off on Friday December 6th and chili “smack-talk” flowed by e-mail all through the day.

About a dozen employees entered their recipes which were kept in a high-security area and a blind-judging process was employed to ensure equality.

Judges assigned points to their top three favorites giving three points to their favorite, two points to their second favorite, and one point to their third favorite entry.

Dave Matter was awarded 1st place with 37 points, Sharon Aden was awarded 2nd place with 23 points and Donald Baumberger was awarded 3rd place with 18 points.

“I am amazed at how competitive this contest has become, said Dana Achartz (co-organizer of the event), the people at SAV take their chili very, very, seriously…”

As the 2013 chili-champ, Mr. Matter will receive a $75 gift certificate, a whole year of bragging rights and an opportunity to defend his title in December of 2014.

When congratulated on his victory the champ was really rather humbled and asked a simple question – “Can I put the trophy down now? It’s really, really heavy…”