3 Apps for Truck Drivers

Drivers spend hours on the open road, often only accessing the Internet through a smartphone. At the same time, they’re expected to keep costs low while making good time throughout each trip. Luckily, there are numerous apps available that can make that easier. All a driver needs is a mobile device and a good wireless carrier.

While there are a variety of apps that can be used to stay in touch with friends and family while on the road, these apps are specific to helping truckers get from Point A to Point B as efficiently as possible. Download them before your next trip to make sure they’re in place when you need them.

Co-Pilot Mobile Navigation

There are plenty of navigation apps, but truck drivers have unique needs. This app addresses those needs, providing directions specific to trucks. The easy-to-use app takes into account roads that are restricted to trucks, asking a user’s truck dimensions and weight before a trip. If a road is off limits to a truck due to its specs, the driver will be routed to one that isn’t, keeping him safe and avoiding costly fines.

Co-Pilot also incorporates points of interest into each trip. A driver can get tips on truck-specific stops like rest areas, weigh stations, and CAT scales. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Trucker Path

While Trucker Path may not be as comprehensive as Co-Pilot, it has one benefit that comparable apps don’t: it’s free. Available for both iOS and Android, this app specializes in logistics, giving drivers information about truck driver-oriented points of interests. Users can locate directions to rest stops and truck stops and view them ahead of time to ensure sufficient parking is available.

Using Trucker Path, drivers can even locate the nearest open weigh station or Wal-Mart. User reviews let other drivers know which stops to avoid. The built-in trip planner lets drivers plan out an entire route in advance. By preparing ahead of time, truckers can get tips from other drivers and improve the quality of each trip.


This crowdsourced traffic update app became so popular, Google bought it in 2013 for $1.1 billion. The free app gives drivers the best route each day based on community input. Users are rewarded for posting traffic updates, which drives participation and ensures the information is as useful as possible.

Waze can be downloaded for iOS, Android, or the Windows Phone. In addition to traffic information, users work together to warn other drivers of police, accidents, and other alerts that can help keep them safe. With community-shared gas prices, drivers can always see the lowest fuel prices to save money. While Waze isn’t targeted specifically to truck drivers, it’s a must-have app for anyone who doesn’t have time for traffic jams.

Technology can give a truck driver the tools he needs to get to his location without delay. By avoiding traffic and knowing the best stops to make along the way, a driver can stay productive and cut costs, eventually increasing earnings for both himself and his trucking company.