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As an independent freight agent, your decision to move your talents to a new agency is an important decision that can’t be taken lightly. Programs may appear to be the same on the surface, but they are each very different as a whole.

If your strength is in selling, then you’ll want to partner with a reputable company with a strong history and track record; a partner that will allow you to promote a diverse range of services under a respectful compensation plan that provides the tools, technologies and back-office support that will keep you out in front.

The SAV Transportation Group offers a program that’s been built by agents – for agents.

Initially founded in 1987, we are a direct provider of truckload, partial truckload and less-than-truckload services and we have THREE SEPARATE DIVISIONS that you can promote with personal confidence.

When you qualify for our independent agent program, you’ll be able to lead with a value-added Transportation Management System (TMS) and follow with diverse range of services that will help you capture the bulk of your customers’ freight.

  • When you promote our EXPRESS division (fleet), you’ll be offering Dry Van Truckload service to the lower 48 states.
  • When you promote our ENTERPRISE division (brokerage), you’ll be offering asset-based brokerage services through a nationwide network of providers of all modes.
  • When you promote our LOGISTICS division, you’ll be promoting technology-driven solutions with UNLIMITED CAPACITY for both domestic and international mode services.

Our program is as diverse as our service offering - we allow all of our agent candidates to review THREE separate business models and choose the program that best suits their needs.

  • Our BASIC program allows you to focus on sales while we support you operationally
  • Our INTERMEDIATE program allows you focus on sales and customer service while we support you operationally and handle the dispatch of your loads.
  • Our most ADVANCED program allows you to handle all aspects of sales, operations and customer service while you work under our authority and receive a premium commission

Regardless of the program that ultimately works for you, we have the resources, support services and technical advantage that will bring you THE COMPETITIVE EDGE. The following page provides a simple snapshot of some of the basic benefits you’ll receive as an SAV Agent.


Checklist for Agency Advantages

  • GENEROUS commission split - ADVANCED agents earn a 80% commission
  • Extensive sales training program with incredible back-office operational support
  • Ability to promote a value-added TMS that helps increase control, visibility and freight costs
  • Ability to promote an award winning fleet, a diverse brokerage and a progressive logistics division
  • Ability to promote truckload, partial truckload, less-than-truckload and special project freight services
  • Ability to promote preferred rates from nearly fifty common LTL carriers providing unlimited capacity
  • Ability to promote a diverse international offering including air freight, ocean freight and small parcel services
  • FAST TRACK approval process that allows you to establish an Initial line of credit in a matter of hours.
  • Extensive back-end operations platform that allows you to monitor your carriers, customers and loads with a daily exception management process in which we isolate exceptions and communicate them to you proactively while you are busy making sales in the field.


  • QUICK PAY PROGRAM – you get a weekly draw on your billed freight invoices.
  • EXECUTIVE LEVEL SUPPORT – you’ll have direct access to the SAV leadership team.
  • DETAILED ACTIVITY REPORTS - you can request weekly, monthly and quarterly profitability reports.
  • ACCESS TO ONGOING SALES TRAINING - you’ll be invited to participate in our supplemental sales training.
  • DIVERSE RANGE OF MARKETING MATERIALS - you’ll be equipped with a complete suite of marketing materials and we will PUSH new materials to you while you are busy making sales in the field.
  • INDUSTRY UPDATES/INDUSTRY REPORTS - you’ll also receive pertinent industry updates and have ongoing access to resource materials, reference manuals and industry publications.

SAV has been approved under the new $75,000.00 bond – have you?

If you are already a broker or you are planning to become a broker — this is huge.

Not only have we been approved for this bond, we can get you approved immediately.

We’ll put the docs in your hands and you’ll be able to promote $1,000,000.00 general liability -$2,000,000.00 in aggregate – $1,000.000.00 in contingent auto liability and $500,000.00 in primary cargo insurance to your customers.



  • 1 year minimum experience in the transportation industry.
  • Established customer base of active shippers willing to transition their business with you.
  • Desire to own and operate your business.
  • Home based office including computer, phone and internet.

If interested please contact:

Steve Morgan

Phone: 800-356-2421

Phone: 763-489-4218